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Dobbs, Civic Education, and Judicial Supremacy

The Dobbs decision has divided our nation–perhaps even more than it was already divided. The pro-lifers have celebrated the decision, while the pro-choicers have bitterly denounced it. Many pro-lifers have celebrated a decision that they think has made abortion illegal nationwide; pro-choicers denounce it for the same reason. But the decision hasn’t actually affected the … Continue reading Dobbs, Civic Education, and Judicial Supremacy

Roe v. Wade is Good Law

Anthony L. Ives is an Instructional Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Texas A&M University. In his draft opinion from a pending Supreme Court decision, Justice Alito claims that Roe v. Wade is “egregiously wrong.” The draft accurately cites John Hart Ely, Lawrence Tribe, and the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as … Continue reading Roe v. Wade is Good Law

Lara Logan’s Brain Disease and the Discrediting of All Opposition

I don’t watch all that much television news and I stay even further away from the 24-hour News Stations like Fox and MSNBC, so I didn’t really know who Lara Logan is. This article, by Jeremy Peters, about Lara Logan did recently cross my Twitter feed. Peters chronicles Logan’s “fall from grace.” Once the up-and-coming … Continue reading Lara Logan’s Brain Disease and the Discrediting of All Opposition

Statesmanship and the Court

Kyle N. Shen is a graduate student in the department of government at The University of Texas at Austin. (1) From the non-legal scholar’s perspective, the focus of the leaked draft opinion for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization are the immediate policy outcomes. (2) Whether pro-life or pro-choice, surely the first response is to … Continue reading Statesmanship and the Court


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