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Daniel Patrick Moynihan on the Need for Credible Opposition

In the heady days of the early 1960s, Democrats began to flirt with the idea of enduring partisan dominance, fancying themselves a permanent majority. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who had both been a Kennedy and Johnson aide and shared in the headiness of the moment, later welcomed the Republican advances in the 1966 midterms. Several pro-civil … Continue reading Daniel Patrick Moynihan on the Need for Credible Opposition

Legislative Oversight is Fine

Thanks to Greg Weiner for calling our attention to the recent provocative column by George Will on legislative oversight of the media ecosystem. I am a long time fan and a friend of George Will. The issues he raises here, and almost always, are worth taking very seriously. But there are two serious errors in … Continue reading Legislative Oversight is Fine

In Search of a Republican Majority

Susan McWilliams Barndt is a regular contributor to The Constitutionalist. She is Chair and Professor in the Politics Department at Pomona College. For the health of this republic, we need Republican leaders to believe that theirs can become the majority party. Right now, I do not think they believe this. And as long as Republican … Continue reading In Search of a Republican Majority

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