Trump’s “Hail Mary” Pass

Is Donald Trump’s strategy of pressuring states in their choice of electors a legitimate “Hail Mary” plan to secure a second term? Dr. Jeffery Tulis thinks not. In this article, Tulis challenges his readers to “engage in a broader constitutional conversation than is common for the judiciary” when thinking about the role of the Electoral College.
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For Real and For Q: Why QAnon Matters

How can so many Americans be sucked in by the conspiracy theory of QAnon? Dr. Susan McWilliams Barndt explains the content of QAnon is crazy, but the feelings of dispossession, frustration and rage that fuel this fire are valid. As McWilliams Brandt identifies, political leaders must thoughtfully “address the rages of our time—rages that, even when expressed in falsehood, tell us something true.” Continue reading For Real and For Q: Why QAnon Matters

The History and Legitimacy of Court Expansion

Is court expansion a legitimate political move? As guest author Thomas Keck explains “proposed alterations in the size of the Supreme Court, like other unorthodox innovations in our governing institutions, are a recurring feature of moments of crisis for U.S. democracy.” In this article, Keck outlines the history of so-called court packing in the U.S. and its relevancy for today. Continue reading The History and Legitimacy of Court Expansion