Corruption and Arrogance in American Politics

Jeff Tulis does readers a tremendous service by reorienting the contemporary conversation about corruption toward the word’s classical sense: the corruption of institutions. In Machiavelli’s terms, or Montesquieu’s, corruption means turning an institution from its purpose, which is why the Discourses on Livy begin … Continue reading Corruption and Arrogance in American Politics

America’s Machiavellian Moment

“‘Tis the season to ponder our constitutional soul.” In this essay, David J. Siemers challenges his readers to apply the philosophy of Machiavelli to aid in the evaluation of the Trump era. For Siemers, Machiavelli provides the key to preserve a healthily cantankerous politics that upholds constitutional norms by respecting the sanctity of institutional processes. Continue reading America’s Machiavellian Moment