Trump’s Anti-Constitutionalism

              I’ve said before that, although this site will try to be balanced politically, Donald Trump poses difficulties in maintaining that balance.  On a site whose very title indicates its commitment to constitutionalism, it is hard to defend Trump’s anti-constitutionalist behavior throughout his presidency.  There are political defenses of Trump’s policies.  To be perfectly honest, I generally prefer Republican policies, ie. deregulation, lower taxes, etc.. I also support the kinds of judges that Trump appointed while in office. I think yesterday’s SCOTUS decision against Texas’s ridiculous lawsuit illustrates well why these judges are good. Much to Trump’s apparent surprise, these … Continue reading Trump’s Anti-Constitutionalism

The Gathering Storm?

The Supreme Court declined to take up the case from Pennsylvania. But the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, has now asked the Court to take another case. Over at The Bulwark, Kim Wehle has an excellent take on the latest effort to overturn the election: “Paxton is asking five unelected justices with jobs for life to cancel the millions of votes legitimately cast in four states, and tell the legislatures in those states to give the electors to Trump.” Like the Pennsylvania suit, it’s not going to work. But asking whether it’s going to work is the wrong question. … Continue reading The Gathering Storm?