Populism and Condescension, Part II

Today’s Washington Post carries the story of a Utah man, reportedly a sometime left-wing activist, who was inside the Capitol during the insurrection. Rep. Mo Brooks and Rudy Giuliani have climbed down from the President’s lap long enough to use this as supposed evidence that the insurrection was actually an Antifa operation. That fantasy deserves no attention, but this does: Were it true, what would it say about the Trump supporters who marauded through the Capitol, apparently not only blindly devoted to the President but also blindly obeying the manipulative directions of their political enemies?

The fact that Brooks and Giuliani see this fiction as somehow exculpatory even if it was true underscores the condescension at the heart of populism, as does this question: Suppose either Brooks or Giuliani had been at the riot. Would they have been hoodwinked by left-wing agitators executing a plot to trick others into raiding the nation’s Capitol, disrupting a constitutional process and calling for the Vice President’s head in a noose? Are they so gullible? Can they be manipulated so easily?

One doubts it. Such frailties are for the little people. And the populists who speak for them wish it very much to be known that they are protectors of, not comparable to, the little people. 

One thought on “Populism and Condescension, Part II

  1. My thought is that if they weren’t there to instigate the crowd for what reason would the left be there? Also how was a BLM man there I won’t say his name speaking to police to just let them in and then the police moved? That was Just weird!!! My opinion and I’m sure most of America thinks those who went in the building were wrong and should pay a consequence but I think we all feel the same way about how the bad things that happened in the summer and on January 6th in other parts of the country by Antifa and others should also pay a consequence. They all should be treated equally for their crimes of destruction. I also believe left and right should be stopped and prosecuted if they are being hateful and just bad (as a mom would say). However peaceful protesters left or right should not be blamed or looked down by others for what they believe. This is the United States of America.
    I want to say I am a 68 year old ( people would say white woman) but I am far from the color white which is not a color but the absence of color just like there is no black it’s the absence of light. So maybe if we all looked at each other as shades of browns which we are from the lightest to the darkest for that’s what skin color looks like not red, yellow, black, white or any other color. We would see we are one human family. The whole world every human bleeds one color (Red). . I bet if the Earth was invaded by people from outer space we would see our humanity and band together as one red bleeding world. I don’t usually voice an opinion but I’m so sad to see my country and the world in such a hateful state.

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