Don’t Mess With Our Constitution

David Lewis Schaefer, Professor of Political Science, College of the Holy Cross America’s Constitution, by far the longest continuously operative one in the world, is under attack from both sides of the political spectrum. On the right, conservative Texas Republican congressman Jodey Arrington has introduced legislation directing the U.S. archivist to tally petitions from state … Continue reading Don’t Mess With Our Constitution

US Citizenship – Blood or Soil?

David Barulich writes on current political events and Constitutional Reform at TheUSRecon. His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Federalist, Education Week, LA Daily News, and other publications covering politics, fiscal policy, immigration, and education.  He resides in Pasadena, CA. Introduction The US Constitution should be the locus for defining US Citizenship, not Congress.  … Continue reading US Citizenship – Blood or Soil?

Beware of Bad Lawyering

Jason Rosensweig is Director of Chicago for the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, and a Commissioner on the Illinois Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes. He holds a PhD from the University of Chicago. Bad law and bad lawyering have become a problem for our country. Lawyers are responsible for much of what makes … Continue reading Beware of Bad Lawyering

A Trump Inventory

Donald Trump’s outrageous misdeeds are so numerous that one tends to lose track of them. Part of his effectiveness as a demagogue stems from the normalization of these deeds and words — a process assisted by the prodigiousness of his malfeasance. So it is useful to occasionally remind ourselves of many of the low points … Continue reading A Trump Inventory

Cleon, Trump, and the Goodness of Demagoguery: An Exchange

There are times that the exchanges in the comments section are sufficiently interesting as to become worthy of their own post. I thought this exchange is one of those. The exchange is between Fred Baumann, who wrote this essay for us previously, and Bernard Dobski about Dobski’s essay. It’s unfortunate that more of our intellectual … Continue reading Cleon, Trump, and the Goodness of Demagoguery: An Exchange

It’s Manly Man Summer at the Claremont Institute

Randal Hendrickson is the host of PODOPTICON, a politics, history, & philosophy podcast. The Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank in southern California, came to prominence during the Trump years. Founded in 1979, the organization aims to deliver high-sounding lessons about America to leaders and to its various fellows, who have included such luminaries as … Continue reading It’s Manly Man Summer at the Claremont Institute

Can Demagoguery be Good Sometimes? A Republican Defense of Trump

Bernard J. Dobski, Jr. is a Professor of Political Science at Assumption University in Worcester, MA where he teaches classes on political philosophy, American foreign policy, and international relations. He has published on classical political philosophy, Shakespeare and is currently completing a book on Mark Twain’s political wisdom. The Paradoxical Defense of Republican Demagoguery The … Continue reading Can Demagoguery be Good Sometimes? A Republican Defense of Trump


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