Congress, the Vice President & Resolving Electoral College Disputes: A Note

Gary Schmitt is a senior fellow in the Social, Cultural and Constitutional Studies Program at the American Enterprise Institute. The headline finding of the January 6th committee’s report is the criminal referral of former President Donald Trump to the Justice Department for his role in instigating the riot on Capitol Hill. Understandable as that might… Continue reading Congress, the Vice President & Resolving Electoral College Disputes: A Note

Demagogues in American Politics

Charles U. Zug is Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs Demagoguery is a concept that originated in classical antiquity, but the American constitutional system is, in its most important respects, rooted in a body of thought that rejects the core commitments of classical philosophy. The building blocks of modern constitutionalism—rights,… Continue reading Demagogues in American Politics

Don’t Mess With Our Constitution

David Lewis Schaefer, Professor of Political Science, College of the Holy Cross America’s Constitution, by far the longest continuously operative one in the world, is under attack from both sides of the political spectrum. On the right, conservative Texas Republican congressman Jodey Arrington has introduced legislation directing the U.S. archivist to tally petitions from state… Continue reading Don’t Mess With Our Constitution

US Citizenship – Blood or Soil?

David Barulich writes on current political events and Constitutional Reform at TheUSRecon. His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Federalist, Education Week, LA Daily News, and other publications covering politics, fiscal policy, immigration, and education.  He resides in Pasadena, CA. Introduction The US Constitution should be the locus for defining US Citizenship, not Congress. … Continue reading US Citizenship – Blood or Soil?

Beware of Bad Lawyering

Jason Rosensweig is Director of Chicago for the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, and a Commissioner on the Illinois Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes. He holds a PhD from the University of Chicago. Bad law and bad lawyering have become a problem for our country. Lawyers are responsible for much of what makes… Continue reading Beware of Bad Lawyering

A Trump Inventory

Donald Trump’s outrageous misdeeds are so numerous that one tends to lose track of them. Part of his effectiveness as a demagogue stems from the normalization of these deeds and words — a process assisted by the prodigiousness of his malfeasance. So it is useful to occasionally remind ourselves of many of the low points… Continue reading A Trump Inventory


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