Podcast on Impeachment and Pardons

Connor Ewing and I recently did a podcast on Podopticon with Randal Hendrickson the day before the impeachment vote in the House. We discussed impeachment and previewed the argument that Corey Brettschneider and I make the next day in the Washington Post about the pardon power. We were able to raise new issues regarding some topics earlier discussed here on the The Constitutionalist and in The Atlantic. Continue reading Podcast on Impeachment and Pardons

Oaths and Inaugurations

Coincident with the holidays, AEI just released and posted a podcast that I did with Gary Schmitt for Adam White’s program Unprecedential several weeks ago. The whole series of podcasts led by Adam is one that should interest readers of The Constitutionalist. It was an unexpected surprise to learn today that ours is one of Adam’s picks for his top five this year. A link to ours and others, including an excellent one with Dahlia Lithwick, can be found in the story below. Continue reading Oaths and Inaugurations

Podcast with Benjamin Kleinerman on Executive Power and the Constitution

Shameless self-promotion: I was involved in a podcast on The ResistanceDashboard concentrating on both my earlier work on discretionary executive power and on the Trump presidency. We also talk about the aims of and reason for The Constitutionalist. Although I’ve never been a committed conservative, I would nonetheless resist his enlistment of me into the progressive cause. The Trump era creates new alliances. As I’ve said before, if the Trump era makes progressives more attentive to constitutionalism then I think Trump had at least one benefit. Continue reading Podcast with Benjamin Kleinerman on Executive Power and the Constitution