Webinars and Podcasts

Webinar with George Thomas and Benjamin Kleinerman on Constitutionalism and the Republican Party

Listen to Benjamin Kleinerman and George Thomas. As it’s aptly desribed by the host of podopticon, Randal Hendrickson: “My guests, George Thomas and Ben Kleinerman, are trying to recapture a kind of constitutionalism that goes back to American founding thought in some ways. They don’t make that turn worshipfully, so they can be engaged reasonably.”

Podcast with Benjamin Kleinerman on Executive Power and the Constitution

Shameless self-promotion: I was involved in a podcast on The ResistanceDashboard concentrating on both my earlier work on discretionary executive power and on the Trump presidency. We also talk about the aims of and reason for The Constitutionalist. Although I’ve never been a committed conservative, I would nonetheless resist his enlistment of me into the progressive cause. The Trump era creates new alliances. As I’ve said before, if the Trump era makes progressives more attentive to constitutionalism then I think Trump had at least one benefit.

Podcast with Benjamin Kleinerman: Presidential Representation

The following is a podcast that Randal Hendrickson at Podopticon.com did with me and Jeremy Bailey, Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston. Our conversation about presidential representation is both historical and about the status/usefulness/history of the Electoral College. I think it’s a refreshing conversation partially because, at Bailey’s insistence, we talked very little about President Trump. Bailey is a serious scholar who’s written the definitive book on Jeffersonian prerogative, a very good book on James Madison’s political thought, and a new book on presidential representation that I think will very soon become a classic in the field of presidential studies. Enjoy the podcast! I happen to think it’s very good, mostly because Randal is very funny and Jeremy is very smart. Even my wife, a very tough critic who’s not all that interested in subjects like the intellectual history of presidential representation, liked it!